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Receive a bespoke carbon evaluation from Climate Vault, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing & removing atmospheric carbon.

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Climate Vault provides an integrated, market-based approach to reducing and removing carbon emissions for organizations and individuals alike – without the PR risks associated with more traditional voluntary offset programs.

Our donors want to make credible, verifiable, and quantifiable carbon reductions. (And tax-advantaged ones, too.) That’s why 
Climate Vault purchases emission allowances from Compliance Carbon Markets, then vaults them so they remain unused. These government-regulated allowances are serialized and trackable, guaranteeing an immediate and definite reduction in atmospheric carbon.

This step is enough to satisfy the requirements for any of the prevailing standards for corporate emissions reduction. But carbon reduction alone isn’t enough to counter climate change. For that, we need long-term carbon removal.

Climate Vault’s carbon reduction donors get automatic first-in-line access to cutting-edge carbon dioxide removal (CDR) tech supported by Climate Vault grant funding. These CDR providers remove carbon from the atmosphere according to rigorous standards for permanence, additionality, and leakage. Ultimately, your carbon reduction is
leveraged directly into an equal or greater carbon removal.

You require definite solutions for your company’s sustainability goals. Reducing and removing your carbon footprint with Climate Vault demonstrates your commitment to an enduring impact – with a certainty that increasingly matters to your customers, your employees, and your stakeholders.

The Climate Vault Approach

Just by filling out this simple calculator, you’ll receive a bespoke carbon evaluation from Climate Vault, a nonprofit organization founded at the University of Chicago dedicated to reducing & removing atmospheric carbon.

We’ll get back to you within three days with your carbon estimate, and we’ll answer your questions about what it means for your company.

It’s as easy as that. After all, business is complicated; your carbon solutions shouldn’t be.

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