2023 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit running carbon neutral with Climate Vault

This effort addresses the carbon impact of hosting the Summit, including 275 attendee travel footprints from around the nation, to bring the entire event to carbon neutral in a verifiable, quantifiable way.

Furthermore, as part of this partnership, Summit attendees can receive a 
bespoke carbon evaluation from Climate Vault for their own institutional events—everything from conferences to reunions.

Immediate carbon impact

HECLS and Climate Vault

The Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit, hosted February 5-7 at the University of Miami by Second Nature and the Intentional Endowments Network, is the premier annual gathering of higher education leaders committed to addressing inequality and the climate crisis. At the 2023 Summit, attendees will engage in dialogue and action planning to further college and university climate, equity, and sustainability goals, focusing on implementation, updating commitments, goal-setting processes, and institutional leadership.

Climate Vault provides event-based carbon reduction & removal as an affordable solution for eco-minded organizers. Attendees recognize the value in carbon neutrality, and knocking out an event’s footprint provides that impact while also proving an institution’s commitment to credible carbon action.

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This year’s Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit in Miami is taking direct action to knock out its own carbon. Climate Vault, partnering with the Intentional Endowments Network, is purchasing 279 tons of carbon allowances to immediately reduce emissions.

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Venue Emissions

1.5 metric tons

Lodging Emissions

29.6 metric tons

Local Commute Emissions

2.3 metric tons

Air Travel Emissions

237.4 metric tons

Meals & Special Event Emissions

8.1 metric tons

Total Neutralized Carbon

278.7 metric tons

2023 HECLS Neutralized Carbon by the Numbers