Next RFP for Innovative Carbon Dioxide Removal Projects coming soon


Climate Vault’s award-winning carbon reduction & removal program provides grant funding to stimulate the growth and development of innovative carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies.

Interested applicants will receive updates about the next RFP cycle, including the RFP application and additional information, as soon as the submission period opens.

World-class support for world-changing projects

The world’s first integrated carbon solution

Climate Vault, founded at the University of Chicago, provides an integrated, market-based approach to reducing and removing carbon emissions for organizations and individuals alike.

By purchasing emissions allowances from government-regulated Carbon Compliance Markets, we guarantee our partners immediate and verifiable carbon reduction.

But as CDR developers know, carbon reduction isn’t enough: to counter climate change, we need ultimate long-term carbon removal. That’s why Climate Vault also provides grant funding to help scale new and innovative CDR technologies based on rigorous standards. In doing so, we provide our partners with automatic first-in-line access to cutting-edge CDR technology solutions and help to create and support an ecosystem for scaling CDR solutions.

Funding successful CDR projects provides Climate Vault’s partners with the credible carbon solutions they require–while also stimulating the growth of technologies essential to the future of our planet.

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Climate Vault grants support emerging CDR projects in achieving credible carbon removal.

* - This invitation will be extended to the first 10 applicants to submit complete RFP applications that meet all relevant CDR criteria as detailed in the RFP and any accompanying information. Submission of an RFP application does not guarantee participation; attendance at the future CDR panel will be virtual; Climate Vault reserves the right to review and approve content in connection with the panel. Submitter and panel participant must be the CDR tech innovator or project developer; people submitting on others’ behalf will not be eligible for this prize.